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  • Webcast
  • 9.Apr.2021

How to transform the impact and speed of your IT Services with Jira Service Management?

Using a real-life based simulation of the management of an incident, we will show you the benefits of an integrated Atlassian ITSM solution.

  • 9.Apr.2021
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About the session

We know that managing an ITSM solution that delights your users and keeps their productivity up is not an easy thing to do. You manage IT services and you want to provide your solutions quickly, deliver value fast and improve continuously for new services and customers.

With Jira Service Management, tick all the boxes and transform the impact and speed of your IT Services.

During this ITSM digital event, our Valiantys and Atlassian experts share with you how to bridge the gap between ITSM processes and Jira Service Management. Discover:

  • How Atlassian meets the challenges of the ITSM changing technology landscape
  • The new capabilities of Jira Service Management
  • How to leverage Jira Service Management, Bitbucket and Confluence features in your ITSM practices

About the speakers

David Marlow – ITSM Enterprise Advocate – Atlassian

David works closely with customers to ensure positive outcomes using Jira Service Management and other Atlassian platforms and tools.

Céline Manca – ITSM consultant – Valiantys

Céline is an ITSM expert who collaborated with and led many teams, giving them the methodologies they need to transform their ITIL and DevOps practices.

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