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  • 28.Jun.2022

How a change in mindset can elevate your teams

  • 28.Jun.2022
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"None of us is as smart as all of us"

Ken Blanchard, Business Leader

Do you view your organization as having internal customers? If not, might this change how things are done? Often, internal teams become bogged down by misalignments in their interdepartmental priorities and purposes. For example, teams will frequently blame one another for oversights, prevent progress by sidetracking projects they deem as having different levels of priority, and cause complete backlogs by ignoring emails and other forms of communication. This can create departmental silos and unnecessary inefficiencies en masse. By implementing IT service management tools, like Jira Service Management, your teams can tackle these common challenges and find more cohesive ways of working together.

Adopt the service mindset

Adopting a business team mindset will provide your employees with a golden opportunity to strengthen their interdepartmental relationships. If people view themselves as a service provider, they can better evaluate and understand what other team members need from them – both individually and on a departmental level – to thrive. In fact, by implementing these high-level evaluations across all departments, your entire company can become more aligned in achieving the same goals. This approach will also give people the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback, allowing them to feel valued, happier, and even more productive. Teams are also more likely to become adept at responding to unexpected changes and creating innovative solutions in their problem solving.

Emphasize the importance of internal customers

It’s important that once you begin to implement a business team approach, you support people in their transition. You can begin this process by assigning someone from each team to document the key functions of their business unit and what other requests and requirements are being asked of them from other teams. Once you’ve completed this evaluation, you can bring together team leaders and key stakeholders to take deeper looks at shortcomings across your organization. The intention is not to lay blame, but instead create honest dialogues around making your organization as efficient and responsive as possible through a blameless post-mortem. Often, these discussions will lead to the evaluation of how departments can more effectively support each other, which is one of the key foundations of the service mindset. This forward-looking evaluation can be strengthened by using streamlining tools like Jira Service Management that track and automate important tasks and information. Once integrated, you can update outdated or redundant processes – fundamentally elevating how you and your company do business.

Ready to begin your service management mindset?

The Valiantys team is here to help. Chat with us today about how we can help your organization integrate a business mindset through the use of tools like Jira Service Management.


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