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The Atlassian ecosystem is seemingly boundless and permanently evolving.
At our Valiantys Enterprise Day, discover how our sponsors' add-ons will help you leverage the power of Atlassian tools.

Software Plant
Valiantys Software

eazyBI is a powerful visualization and analysis add-on for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud.

With eazyBI you can create custom JIRA reports, charts, and dashboards with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Import standard or custom fields from JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and most popular 3rd party add-ons like Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr, Xray, and others. Import additional data from external data sources like SQL databases, REST API, CSV, or Exel spreadsheets and combine it with JIRA data.

Create pivot table reports and visualize your data using many interactive chart types. Analyze JIRA issues by standard and custom issue fields, add custom calculated measures. Drill into details or across other dimensions right from the chart to identify your top and bottom performers, trends, patterns, opportunities, challenges, and risks. Publish eazyBI reports as gadgets on JIRA dashboards or Confluence pages.

RefinedWiki are makers of add-ons to improve the user interface and usability of Atlassian products. Our theming solutions for Confluence and JIRA Service Desk make it easy to modernize, organize, and customize Atlassian products.

RefinedWiki began with a theming solution for Confluence and still today theming is the heart of what we do. As one of the earliest vendors on the Marketplace RefinedWiki has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable add-on creator. Over 3000 companies from over 90 countries use RefinedWiki add-ons making us one of the top-selling vendors on the Atlassian Marketplace.

To collaborate on the go you can enjoy Refined Theme for Confluence on your smartphone with our Refined Mobile integration. More recently we have extended our theming expertise to Cloud users, and to JIRA Service Desk. At the core of each of our add-ons is to provide a user-friendly theming solution that is accessible to both technical and non technical users.

Over 5000 organizations around the world use K15t Software’s solutions to enhance and expand the collaboration and content management capabilities of their Atlassian products.

The Scroll Add-ons for Confluence let teams author and manage content and documentation together, while Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA enables collaboration across departmental and B2B boundaries.

Founded in 2009 by Tobias Anstett and Stefan Kleineikenscheidt, K15t Software is an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner. In addition to their suite of popular add-ons, K15t helps clients run Atlassian products for over 100,000 users around the world. K15t Software powers painless collaboration.

SoftwarePlant is a company delivering software that aims at changing the way people work.

Our goal is to contribute top quality products in the Atlassian ecosystem, from building comprehensive Project Portfolio Management solutions to providing custom development, training and consulting.

We make up a team of ambitious individuals fascinated by new technologies and believe that future of project management brings together latest technologies, quality products, and outstanding customer support.

Our focus on innovations revolves around advancements in software that will improve the efficiency of teams worldwide. We’re committed to making work easier and helping businesses grow with more ease.

Since 2010, Valiantys Software has enhanced the Atlassian platform with amazing add-ons that help you leverage data and smoothen end-user experience. With nFeed, Exocet and Spreadsheets, we've helped over 1,200 enterprises extend their JIRA and Confluence capabilities, including Airbus, Apple, BBC, Ingenico, Nike, Oracle, Walmart and Walt Disney.

You can find all of our add-ons on the Atlassian Marketplace.

To find out more, visit http://software.valiantys.com.

With more than 3,500 customers and over two billion monthly downloads on its binary hub, JFrog is the leading universal solution for the management and distribution of software binaries. JFrog's products, JFrog Artifactory, the Universal Artifact Repository; JFrog Bintray, the Universal Distribution Platform; JFrog Mission Control, for Universal DevOps flow Management; and JFrog Xray, Universal Component Analyzer, are used by DevOps engineers worldwide and are available as open-source, on-premise, and SaaS cloud solutions.

Find more information at jfrog.com.


09h30 Valiantys

Welcoming speech

Valiantys |
Emmanuel Boukandoura

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09h40 Valiantys & Atlassian

Atlassian Summit announcements +

Valiantys & Atlassian |
Samantha Russell & Matthew Coughlan

During Atlassian's first-ever European Summit, some major news was released around the product suite. I'm going to give you a quick walk-through of all the different changes revealed during Summit Barcelona.

10h00 CDK Global

Full ALM - From a legacy internally developed suite to Atlassian for ALM+

CDK Global |
Anoop Parameswara

Working in an Agile method is critical to the success of your ALM, however this becomes impossible if tools have irrelevant features and are not flexible enough to support continuous improvements. By switching to the Atlassian suite, it allowed all teams to transition to a common ALM process and greatly boost their productivity.

11h00 Qube GLobal Software

How QUBE Global Software provides several levels of support using the same JIRA instance+

QUBE Global Software |
Colin Greer

QUBE Global Software will share with you their story, problem they faced and the solution they designed.

11h30 jFrog

The Frog's Leap - The Future of DevOps, Continuous Updates Require Liquid Software+

jFrog |
Arnaud Ladriere

Looking to the future of DevOps, as release cycles get shorter and microservices get smaller, we can imagine a world in which at any one time, our systems’ software is being updated. Effectively, software will become liquid in that products and services will be connected to “software pipes” that constantly stream updates into our systems and devices; liquid software continuously and automatically updating our systems with no human intervention. This is the next big challenge of the DevOps revolution. Just as we turn on a tap, expect water to come out without having to think about it, and trust the quality of the water, our systems and devices should be continuously and automatically updated with software we can trust and consume safely. However, there are still some challenges to address.

13h00 Demos

Breakout sessions

K15T K15T | 13h00-13h30 Nils Bier How Atlassian Does Docs

Product documentation and technical content management are challenges nearly all organizations face. And as products and services change and grow, old-school models for creating and publishing supporting content can struggle to scale. Atlassian's docs teams keep pace by authoring in Confluence and using Scroll Add-ons to manage and publish their content. Learn how they do it from beginning to end, and see how the tools you're already using can be extended to give your docs process the speed and agility it deserves.

Valiantys Valiantys | 13h30-14h00 Ravi Sagar Manage document approval process in Confluence

Project management+
EazyBI EazyBI Raimonds Simanovskis Track your project KPIs with eazyBI

eazyBI is a powerful reports, charts, and dashboards add-on for JIRA. It is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool for analysing and visualising your JIRA issues data. You can also import data from additional data sources and combine them with JIRA data. Learn from examples what are typical project KPIs that can be analysed with eazyBI and see the powerful features how to get or calculate your own specific metrics.

Valiantys Valiantys | 13h30-14h00 Aude Dusacre Resource Management with Portfolio

From planning to delivery, how as a project or program manager can you manage resources, external and/or internal ?

14h00 Demos

Breakout sessions

Valiantys Software Valiantys Software | 14h00-14h30 Christophe Promé From the feature request to the development, how nFeed & Exocet will smooth your process?

Discover how you can ease the work for your support & development team with nFeed & Exocet through five practical uses cases. In this demo we'll show you how to guide users to existing issues to prevent duplications, connect your issues to any knowledge base, fetch data related to the reporter from your CRM, write requirements in Confluence directly from your issues and create sub-tasks from stories.

Valiantys Valiantys | 14h30-15h00 Anand Unadkat Collaboration with Distributed Agile Teams

Demonstration of how Atlassian tools can help with the collaboration in companies that have Distributed Agile Teams.

ITSM / Service Desk+
RefinedWiki eazyBI | 14h00-14h30 Genevieve Blanch 4 tangible ways IT teams can improve the customer experience using JIRA Service Desk

As a daily interaction point with customers, it is important that an IT Support Service sends the right message to the customer about a company and a company brand. We provide four practical ways Refined Theme for JIRA Service Desk can improve the customer experience so that the customer has an experience reflective of the high quality support on offer. We cover making JIRA Service Desk appealing, finding answers fast, representing your brand and providing a personal IT service.

Valiantys Valiantys | 14h30-15h00 Razaq Omar CMDB/Asset Management with JSD

We will demonstrate how you can integrate and manage your CMDB fully within JSD.

15h30 HPD Software

Plug-In Power - Joined-up Service for the Company and the Customer+

HPD Software |
Ivor Allchin

How HPD team used JIRA Service Desk and the Tempo and Insight plugins to solve their Time Recording & Billing challenges.

16h00 Atlassian

Docker, Continuous Integration, and You+

Atlassian |
Steve Smith

Docker is rapidly gaining mind-share amongst both operations and development teams. One of Docker's sweet spots is in the area of rapid development and testing. This talk will show how we use Docker containers to resolve dependency problems in tests, and how to integrate this workflow into a Bamboo continuous integration and deployment pipeline. This talk is for current Bamboo customers or those familiar with Bamboo who are interested in combining CI with Docker to it's fullest potential.

16h30 The Telegraph

The transformation of IT Ops using JIRA Service Desk and the tool chaining goal+

The Telegraph |
Bhav Makwana

Bhav Makwana discusses how when the Telegraph's IT team was faced with one of its biggest challenges, it transformed how IT Operations worked forever by implementing JIRA Service Desk and its key components. Following its success, the Telegraph has continued to grow and adapt the platform, and begun to invest in key tools to empower collaboration.

Why Attend?


The programme of talks will combine product updates from Atlassian with best practices by Valiantys and customer-led use cases. You will gain invaluable tips and insights to develop your Atlassian knowledge.


Throughout the day there are going to be product demonstrations with real-life examples from software development lifecycle to IT Service Management as well as demos of ecosystem add-ons. Whether you use the products or not, you will find out about new use cases and capabilities that could benefit your business.


Meet the British Atlassian community, chat with peers facing similar challenges and share your best practices. Valiantys experts and Atlassian executives will also be at hand to answer any questions you may have about our products.

150+ attendees

60+ companies

15+ presentations

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