Who we are

We are Atlassian experts, technology lovers and passionate team-workers. We're driven by harnessing the power of collaboration and project management tools to help teams and enterprises work smarter.

Business solutions

We build solutions that answer real business needs. Specialised in DevOps and IT Service Management, we continuously nurture our approach based on our experiences with clients.

Our expert consultants couple tech-savvy with serious business knowhow, enabling us to deliver simple solutions that tackle business challenges head-on.

Unparalleled expertise

With over 10 years' experience and a constant curiosity for the latest methods and tools, our sales and technical teams truly lead the pack.

We're actively invested in the Atlassian community and organise the largest Atlassian event in the UK, the Valiantys Enterprise day. Why? Because we love sharing our experience and expertise with our clients.


Our approach to communication with our clients is just like the solutions we deliver: agile and pragmatic.

By closely integrating our sales, technical and administrative teams, we can be sure that no matter how complex a project is, the customer experience will be seamless.

Our journey

Driven by a compelling vision of a consulting company with a difference, Francois Dussurget and Alexandre Alquier founded Valiantys in 2006.

The goal was simple: to provide quick, practical solutions to client needs by applying industry standards (Agile, CMMi and ITIL) to modern software tools. This is how our partnership with Atlassian was born.

Since then, our consultants have helped over 2,500 organisations across every sector effectively deploy and adopt Atlassian tools. We focus on harnessing the power of best-in-class software and collaboration practices, empowering businesses to focus on what they do best: building and selling their products.

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Our values

Value 1


We value open, two-way communication between co-workers, clients and partners. We believe that being true to oneself, saying what you mean and openly sharing knowledge is the key to trust and mutually enriching relationships.

Value 2

Stand Still

At Valiantys, we never rest on our laurels. We are forever evolving, and always eager to improve ourselves and question assumptions. We want to encourage our staff to be creative, hungry to explore new possibilities and free to go beyond.

Value 3

Be Mindful of What Matters

As people, we are down-to-earth and pragmatic, striving for efficiency in everything we do. Whilst we’re committed to working in an agile way, we approach each and every task with consistency and rigour.

Value 4

Make Every Interaction Remarkable

Our view of a customer is uncomplicated, and our end goal is simple. Whether a co-worker, partner or an end user, we want to ensure that everyone who interacts with us has an awesome experience.

Value 5

Take Part

We create, deliver, grow and celebrate as one team. We are always open to helping each other and sharing - whether it's our knowledge, ideas, experience or a beer after work.

An extraordinary team

Guided by Great Leaders

François Dussurget

François Dussurget


Alexandre Alquier

Alexandre Alquier


Lucas Dussurget

Lucas Dussurget

VP Corporate Development

Céline Lespinasse

Pierre Belanger

Vice President & General Manager
North America

Jerôme Anstrousse

Jérôme Anstrousse

General Manager France & Switzerland

Emmanuel Boukandoura

Emmanuel Boukandoura

General Manager UK

Frédéric Cornec

Frédéric Cornec

General Manager Benelux

Céline Moret

Céline Moret

Corporate Controller

Nathan Chantrenne

Nathan Chantrenne

Head of Client Services France